Knowledge Mobilization at York Looks Forward

On June 5, the KM Unit at York spent a day off-site at the Toronto Centre for Social Innovation embarking on visioning exercises to help define the scope of programs that will be offered in the fall. This is important as the current project funding will be sunsetting and operations will need streamlining to support sustainability.
The efforts from the day resulted in the following, and we welcome your thoughts and comments. Just click on the comments button above this message and share your thoughts!
Vision Statement
National leaders in knowledge mobilization, connecting research and people for social innovation.
Mission Statement
The KM unit at York University is a service unit that:

    Builds a culture of knowledge mobilization
    Fosters collaboration
    Supports co-production of knowledge/research
    Connects policy and practice relevant research to decision makers
    Develops and delivers tools for knowledge mobilization

Our Values
Our service unit is built on the following values:

    Respect – knowledge has many forms and origins and flows in a two way direction
    Wisdom – grounding practice in theory and using practice to inform theory
    Honesty – knowledge brokers are impartial, client-focused and honest brokers
    Engagement – research engages with and is responsive to the needs of the partners
    Impact – real world solutions for real world problems