KT Post Cards from #BRAIN2013 – Day 0 (by the numbers)

NDN logoBy David Phipps (RIR-York, writing as NeuroDevNet KT Core Lead)
On August 19,2013 York University announced that York’s Knowledge Mobilization Unit was hosting the Knowledge Translation Core of NeuroDevNet, a Network of Centres of Excellence supporting research, training and KT for childhood neurodevelopmental disorders (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy). The KT Core (David Phipps, KT Core Lead and Anneliese Poetz, KT Core Manager) is in Vancouver for three days at the 2013 Brain Development Conference.
Day 1: meeting of research projects and core facilities: neuroethics, neuroimaging and KT
By the numbers:
53 trainees, 3 hours and 2 facilitators running a workshop on KT and social media. Anneliese Poetz (Manager, NeuroDevNet KT Core) and Krista Jensen (KMb Officer, York University) ran a workshop for trainees (graduate students and post docs). Anneliese presented how to plan integrated and end of grant KT. Krista gave an overview of the use of social media as a KT tool.
It was pouring with rain and 12 degrees: welcome to Vancouver!
24 research, training and KT projects. 2 people per project. 1 room. 45 minutes of speed dating. Every project talked to every other project for 2 minutes. Chaos. Cacophony. But as described by the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, « if the people in the room keep working together they have the power to change the world ».
3 demonstration projects (ASD, FASD, CP), 2 brokers, 1 KT Core, 120 minutes. We never want to do KT on the run but we don’t mind running to advise on KT.
#BRAIN13 actually starts tomorrow so this wasn’t even day 1! Tomorrow will have more research, more stakeholders, more trainees and more KT including speakers corner and live tweeting throughout.
You can read more about the KT Core services here: NDN KT Core Services description_Sept23 2013_FINAL_sm.
Anneliese Poetz and David Phipps
Anneliese Poetz and David Phipps