KT Post Cards from #BRAIN2013 – Day 2 – KT Services and Training

David Phipps (writing as KT Lead for NeuroDevNet)
The Knowledge Translation (KT Core) for NeuroDevNet is led by York University’s Knowledge Mobilization Unit. David Phipps (KT Lead) and Anneliese Poetz (KT Manager) were shooting videos, tweeting and building capacity to embed KT in the research and training programs for Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  The services offered to researchers, trainees and partners are based largely on the knowledge mobilization services offered by York’s Knowledge Mobilization Unit.
NeuroDevNet KT Core Services:

Support for Networks and Collaborations through knowledge brokering support collaborations between NDN researchers and partners from the public, private, non-profit and practitioner sectors
support development of NDN corporate networks such as the Community for Brain Development
support KT planning: i) advise NDN researchers and their partner organizations on plans for integrated and end of grant KT; ii) support KT components of NDN funding applications
Support for KT Events identify and adapt event planning tools and makes them available along with support to NDN researchers, trainees and partners: ensuring decision maker partners involved; identifying venues; negotiating contracts; logistical support for catering, A/V, printing etc.
provide input and support to NDN events including the annual Brain Conference
staffing exhibit booths at NDN events
Support for KT Products draft clear language research summaries
support social media strategies
assists NDN researchers, students and partner organizations making videos and other forms of KT dissemination including arts based content
KT Capacity Building KT training in person and on line
identify, assess and adapt KT tools to NDN needs
KT Evaluation Framework develop evaluation framework for KT; develop KT success stories

NeuroDevNet researchers, trainees and partners can obtain any of these services by contacting Anneliese Poetz (apoetz@yorku.ca).
KT Capacity Building is one of these services. At #Brain2013 Anneliese Poetz and York’s KMb Officer Krista Jensen ran a trainee workshop on KT methods and social media. Evaluations from the workshop showed the attendees were very satisfied with the workshop. The impact of the workshop on trainees is best illustrated by a video of NeuroDevNet trainees Lori Sacrey and Tamara Germani. The KT Core is delighted at this trainees produced video – thanks for the shout out!