Once a mobilizer… / Lorsqu’on devient agent de mobilisation…

By Jason Guriel (Centre for Addictions and Mental Health)
This guest blog post can hardly be called a guest post as Jason is one of our own.  You first heard from Jason in Mobilize This! on August 21, 2008. Having spent a number of summers working for RIR-York drafting clear language research summaries we are absolutely delighted he has started a career in KMb working with long time RIR-York colleague Heather Bullock. Welcome home Jason. Nice to have you around.
On peut difficilement dire que ce billet a été rédigé par un blogueur invité puisque Jason est en fait l’un des nôtres. Vous avez entendu parler de Jason pour la première fois sur Mobilize This!, le 21 août 2008. Ayant passé plusieurs étés à travailler à la rédaction de résumé de recherche en langage clair pour le compte de RIR-York, nous sommes ravis qu’il ait entrepris une carrière en MdC aux côtés d’une collègue de longue date du RIR-York, Heather Bullock. Bienvenue chez toi Jason. C’est toujours un plaisir de te revoir.

ResearchImpact, Canada’s knowledge mobilization network, works to support the active, two-way exchange of information and expertise between knowledge creators and knowledge users. And for many years as a graduate student, I worked to support ResearchImpact! As part of the Knowledge Mobilization Unit at York University, I learned how to translate research findings into clear language aimed at a general audience. I wrote content and helped develop concise summaries of the latest studies. In writing these “Research Snapshots” – and in helping to facilitate that “two-way exchange” – I became the beneficiary of a great deal of new knowledge: important research evidence about climate change, homelessness, the social determinants of health, and other areas.
But ResearchImpact didn’t just connect me with the world of research; it connected me with the Evidence Exchange Network (EENet). Located at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, EENet promotes the use of research evidence in decision-making by providing an infrastructure that links research with mental health and addictions stakeholders across Ontario. I had the pleasure of being part of a group that connected up with EENet last summer to offer some consultation on our Research Snapshot format, which the network had started to use. The experience was great; when I finished my doctoral dissertation and a full-time communications position came up at EENet this past fall, I jumped at the chance to join the team.
Although I used to call what I do “knowledge mobilization” – I now use the term “knowledge translation and exchange”! – I’m still working to support two-way exchanges. And I’m looking forward to helping EENet fulfill its mission to ensure that the Ontario mental health and addictions system is evidence-informed. I’m looking forward to building and strengthening new connections….