Student Led Research Grant Announcement from UVic

The UVic Knowledge Mobilization (KM) Unit is pleased to announce an excellent funding opportunity that will allow Graduate and Undergraduate students at UVic to participate in KM.
The “Student Led Research Grants” initiative connects the B.C. Government with university students and their professors to conduct research that addresses public policy issues. It provides students with unique opportunities to apply their research skills to challenges faced by government and society.
To support the implementation and development of the research projects cross government, the BC Government is providing a one time funding grant to the University of Victoria to support student led research. The intent of the grant is to promote partnerships with post secondary institutions and to facilitate student research. The research generated from these grants will be used to aid in decision making and policy formation in various Ministries across the BC Government.
The funding available is up to $1500 per student, and may be used by the student to support new or ongoing research projects. To be eligible, students must receive written support from a supervising faculty member. The UVic KM Unit will be responsible for allocating and administering the student grants. The funding is provided directly to students in the form of honorariums, or in the form of travel and education grants to attend and present research at conferences.
The grant guidelines include a document from the BC Government outlining the current areas of research interest in the various Ministries. Students are encouraged to read through this document to see if their research is eligible for funding.
To view these grant guidelines, application forms, and support forms, go to:
The deadline for proposals is October 3rd, 2008