Études de cas

La collection suivante d’études de cas présente des exemples réussis de mobilisation des connaissances.

Avez-vous un exemple réussi d’un projet de mobilisation des connaissances ou d’impact de la recherche que vous aimeriez mettre en vedette ? Contactez-nous !

Influencing Policy: Partnerships Move Research into Action

A multi-sectoral research partnership investigating precarious employment directly influenced employment policies. This case illustrates the value of partner organizations with experience in knowledge brokering, and the importance of building relationships to influence policy. Project: Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario (PEPSO) https://pepso.ca/ Impacts Increased public awareness of the scope and effects of the labour […]

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Youth Criminal Justice in Canada Infographic Project

Summary: This project brought together student researchers from the Research Shop, Community Engaged Scholarship Institute, University of Guelph and community partners from Family Counselling and Support Services for Guelph-Wellington and the Canadian Families and Corrections Network. Together, they created two infographics—one for youth justice and one for adult justice—that use empirical evidence to highlight the […]

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Living SJ and CFICE: A Case Study on Improving Evaluative and Communicative Practices

Case study written by Chelsea Nash, CFICE Communications Research Assistant, with contributions from Cathy Wright, Living SJ and Tracey Chiasson, UNBSJ Summary Living SJ is network of community leaders from business, three levels of government, non-profits and low income neighbourhoods committed to ending generational poverty in Saint John, New Brunswick. Using a collective impact approach, […]

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