Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum (CKF) 2024 Opening Address

On June 19, 2024 in Le grand Bibliotheque de Montréal, Peter Levesque gave the opening address to the conference. Peter founded CKF in 2012 as a place where scholars and practitioners of knowledge mobilization in all disciplines can come together to share experiences, network and make new connections. The drivers for CKF were two fold:

  1. We lacked an interdisciplinary conference. Nursing researchers and KT practitioners went to nursing conference. Same for social work and educators. CKF is a space for different people thinking about the same thing.
  2. We lacked a conference where scholars and practitioners could co-exist and collaborate (or at least connect) to address the critique as reviewed in the KMb Journal Club that “the (somewhat ironic) research-practice gaps exposed and dissected in this study are not of course unique to the knowledge mobilization field but they do remain a significant challenge.

Peter’s opening remarks were delivered in front of a slide show of pictures from CKF past. He reminisced about the origins of knowledge mobilization, where we are and where we are going and included a poem and a reflection on his personal life. All from the perspective of “same yet more”. You can read Peter’s remarks here, shared with permission.