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Name: Jay Carter
Title: Office Manager (Office of Community Engagement)

Name: Allison Van
Title: Executive Director (SPARK)

Name: Cynthia Belaskie
Title: Managing Director (CHEC)

Name: Lori Dillon
Title: Senior Advisor, Research Portfolio (Office of the VP Research)

McMaster has earned reputation as a centre of excellence for discovery and innovation, with research output rivalling universities more than twice its size. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s Top 100 universities and among the country’s top research-intensive universities, McMaster is home to more than 70 research centres and institutes. The university is committed to knowledge mobilization and technology transfer, partnering with community and industry leaders, and creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among our researchers and students.

McMaster researchers are committed to mobilizing their knowledge to ensure it is placed in the hands of those who can put it to its best use – in our local and global communities – to drive change and, ultimately, advance human and societal health and well-being.