CKF20 Event Report: The future of knowledge mobilization events is virtual

This past year, we witnessed rapid innovation in online events. Having seen the benefits, we predict organizers will continue to include virtual components to compliment in-person events and conferences.

The Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum is a bi-annual event that brings together researchers, students, practitioners, and professionals who work in the field of knowledge mobilization. In 2020, Research Impact Canada re-imagined the event as an online experience.

We were faced with the challenge – how do we pivot online and maintain and engaging and collaborative experience?

The event was a huge success – bringing together over 300 participants to meaningfully connect in the field of knowledge mobilization.

Our biggest keys to success:

  • Create layers of engagement for participants
  • Hiring facilitators from within the KMb Community
  • Planning for and being responsive to attendee needs

We are now pleased to publish our event report. This report shares our keys to creating online engagement, our timeline for event planning, and other key insights and lessons learned.

The full CKF20 Event Report can be found here.

Abstracts from the event are also available here.