Disseminating Findings Checklist and Guide

This checklist and guide will help when creating dissemination products for review findings, both in preparing content or developing/improving product templates. Authors, editors, and those working in communications, dissemination, and digital media may find this helpful for communication methods with non-experts in review findings. The dissemination checklist on page 6 was found to be useful.

What our reviewers had to say

There is key information and questions in the first few pages, with descriptions, examples, and justifications in the later pages. It is also nice to have links to return to the checklist throughout the document.

There were many sections I thought could be extracted and adapted for other uses. The checklist was helpful. The honeycomb framework of user experience on page 18 is something I wish every science communicator would consult as they do their work as a rule of thumb when designing their products. I also very much appreciated the examples starting on page 23. I find it very helpful to see examples of common errors.

Glenton C, Rosenbaum S, Fonhus MS. Checklist and Guidance for disseminating findings from Cochrane Intervention reviews. Cochrane, 2019. Available from: https://training.cochrane.org/online-learning/knowledge-translation/how-share-cochrane-evidence/dissemination-essentials-checklist