Dissemination Guide of Guides

Dissemination is an important step in the Co-Produced Pathway to Impact (CPPI) which is the framework adopted by Kids Brain Health Network NCE that guides the Network’s research to impact processes.

The KT Core sought and reviewed existing dissemination planning resources and distilled them into this annotated compendium of dissemination planning guides. Whether you are new to Knowledge Translation (KT) or experienced and successful with planning and delivering dissemination strategies, these resources can provide useful information. We hope you and your project team will find this guide-of-guides useful for understanding more about how to achieve effective dissemination. Common among several guides is the blending of integrated KT (iKT) and end-of-grant (dissemination) KT approaches; iKT is used to build necessary relationships for understanding and responding to stakeholder needs with useful messaging and products, and build trust for successful uptake and implementation.

You may wish to begin with the KT Planning Guide of Guides for developing a comprehensive KT plan that includes iKT and dissemination activities, followed by using this Dissemination Guide of Guides to plan in more detail for how you will effectively carry out the activities in your KT plan.

Some of the resources contain checklists and worksheets that you can print and fill in manually. At the end of this resource, the KT Core has created a dissemination planning worksheet that is form-fillable for your convenience (see Appendix A). This worksheet represents a compilation of the common attributes of dissemination plans reviewed and represented in this document.