Knowledge Mobilization Planning Template

This is a comprehensive, modifiable PDF-format toolkit that uses a “question and answer” format and checklists to elicit key components for wide-ranging knowledge mobilization (KMb) plans. It includes a handy printable KMb plan outline in its appendix that is useful for develping more complete KMb plans with multiple audiences.

What our reviewers had to say

“This is a very useful tool. It is quick and easy to use, yet informative. I really liked the interactive tools. This helped me get past the typical questions to focus on evaluation, which is valuable. I like the way it listed different indicators/outcomes and the page that listed the types of products, events, and networks. This is a great tool.”

This tool is for researchers and/or clinicians who may develop something that needs to be disseminated to potential end users. I think the effect of having to address each of these elements would cause the knowledge producers to think hard about what they want to convey, to whom, how, when, and under what circumstances can they consider the activities successful.

This resource was adapted from The Hospital for Sick Children’s Knowledge Translation Planning Template.

Barwick, M. (2008, 2013). Knowledge Translation Planning Template. Toronto, Ontario: The Hospital for Sick Children. Retrieved from: