Changing Lives, Building Careers: Motivational Interviewing in Workforce Development

A Professional Development Toolbox Series Webinar

On Friday, June 2, 2023, you are invited to participate in the Professional Development Toolbox Series webinar entitled “Changing Lives, Building Careers: Motivational Interviewing in Workforce Development”. 

​Presented in partnership with the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences and the Rideau-Ottawa Valley Learning Network, this webinar aims to teach the basics of motivational interviewing and equip you with practical guides and resources that will help elicit and guide lasting change. This webinar will teach how to use motivational interviewing to foster self-efficacy and seed self-driven positive change in people you work with in the workforce development sector across Canada. 

What is motivational interviewing (MI)?

​Motivational interviewing (MI) is a collaborative, evidence-based method of communication that can help individuals feel motivated to bring about behavioral change to achieve a goal. With MI, the client drives the conversation, and the practitioner acts as a guide. It is a collaborative process designed to boost the client’s motivation for change.

Why motivational interviewing?

​Motivational interviewing is a way of having conversations with people that helps them to feel more motivated and confident about making positive changes in their lives. Career professionals can use MI to help clients strengthen their motivation and commitment to behavioral change. The idea behind MI is to help people find their own reasons for wanting to change, rather than trying to convince them to change based on someone else’s reasons. 

​MI can play a vital role in workforce development by helping individuals to identify their goals and build the confidence and motivation they need to achieve them. By using this approach, workforce development professionals can build stronger relationships with their clients, increase their effectiveness in supporting individuals’ career development, and enhance their own job satisfaction and professional growth. MI may benefit a wide range of individuals, including job seekers, workers facing career transitions, individuals with barriers to employment, employers, and workforce development professionals themselves. 

​ After attending the webinar, you will walk away with: 

  • ​Better awareness on MI and its importance in delivering a client-centered service within the workforce development sector 
  • ​New ideas and strategies on encouraging individuals to initiate and maintain positive changes in their lives through their own intrinsic motivation 
  • ​Resources to support you implementing MI in your practice 

Who should attend this webinar? 

  • ​Job coaches, career counselors
  • ​Human resource managers, trainers and supervisors
  • ​Any professional who work with individuals seeking employment or career development 
  • ​Individuals who are seeking to improve their own skills in supporting others’ career development or seeking to make positive changes in their own professional lives 

There is no cost for participating in this webinar. 
Closed captioning and French-English Interpretation will be available. 
If you have any questions, please email Julia Levin at