Knowledge Mobilization is a suite of services that enhances the two-way connection between researchers and research partners so that research & evidence can inform decisions about public policy & professional practice.

The Knowledge Mobilization Unit at York University:

  • Fosters collaboration
  • Builds a culture of knowledge mobilization
  • Supports co-production of knowledge/research
  • Connects policy & practice relevant research to decision makers
  • Builds capacity and delivers tools for knowledge mobilization

Knowledge Has Greater Value When It Is Shared and Implemented

York University has knowledge brokers who will work to understand your needs, identify areas for collaboration and build partnerships. Research partners benefit from this because it connects them with research that is relevant to their objectives. Researchers and graduate students benefit because it enriches their research projects through the real world experience of practitioners and policy-makers.

Successes in Knowledge Mobilization

York University’s Knowledge Mobilization Unit is a national leader in connecting research and people for social innovation. We are proud of the successes we have had since 2006 in supporting researchers at York and local leaders in policy and professional practice. Since 2006, we have helped facilitate over 260 collaborations which has resulted in over 75 projects. We have worked with over 240 faculty members, over 140 graduate students and have connected to over 200 community organizations.

Research Snapshots

Research Snapshots are summaries of single research studies. These snapshots serve to make research accessible to the broader community, and to identify interesting and relevant research and researchers who may be contacted for further information.

For researchers, they act as ‘calling cards’ to introduce and inform audiences to the relevancy of the research. For decision makers, they provide quick access to information about research on topics of interest to support their important work. Visit http://www.researchimpact.ca/researchsearch to visit the database of summaries.


Creating Space

An important element for successful Knowledge Mobilization is to meet and interact with
collaborators. We help you to:

  • Find community, government or other partners to work with
  • Find someone who can put your research to use

Building Capacity

We provide learning opportunities for researchers and local decision makers to better participate in projects and engage in knowledge mobilization processes. We help you to:

  • Grow and sustain your research program
  • Develop innovative solutions for pressing opportunities

Supporting Projects

Our core business is helping to broker projects between researchers and research partners
to help inform decision making in research, public policy and professional practice. We help you to:

  • Find opportunities for graduate students to work with policy-makers
  • Tap into research, knowledge, and expertise at a university

Contact Information

Room 201, Kaneff Tower
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

Tel: 416-736-2100 ext 88876
Email: kmbunit@yorku.ca