Research Impact Canada welcomes three new members

Every time a new member joins Research Impact Canada (RIC) the entire Network, especially the leadership and staff, are pumped about the opportunity for new perspectives coming to the Network. As a community of practice RIC is strongest when we have diverse members bringing diverse experience to our conversations.

RIC is delighted to welcome Université Laval as a full member and The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Hospital represented by the Institute of Mental Health Research (IMHR) and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) as affiliate members. Three members: one university, one research hospital and one non-profit research and policy organization. Talk about diversity! This also adds one new Quebec university to accompany Bishops, U. de Montréal, UQAM and Concordia. This plus additional Francophone individuals at other RIC member institutions is why we have committed to bilingualism and lowering barriers to participation for French and English speakers in RIC business.

From U. Laval: By joining Research Impact Canada, ULaval gains strategic advantages such as connecting with stakeholders in other academic and non-academic sectors as well as strengthening the capacity to optimize research impact within our organization and local communities. We look forward to sharing best practices, tools, and resources to enhance our ability to serve the knowledge mobilization needs of faculty members and students. With numerous ongoing knowledge mobilization initiatives within ULaval, our organization stands poised to derive substantial benefits from the trainings and webinars facilitated by the Network.

From The Royal: The Royal/IMHR strives to conduct and disseminate high quality, relevant, and valued research for evidence-based care; our efforts are geared towards reaching a wider audience for research findings through targeted communication to appropriate audiences. Our interest in joining Research Impact Canada aligns with our organizational strategic priority of integrating research, education, practice, and lived expertise to improve client and family-orientated outcomes and experiences. In doing so, our mission to deliver excellence in specialized mental health care, advocacy, research, and education is impacted by meaningful knowledge mobilization practices that result in a greater uptake of research that accelerates the impact on decision making, client outcomes and experiences as well as systemic health system outcomes.

From CIGI:  CIGI is eager to engage and share experiences with a community of practice focused on translating research into outcomes. Our core mission is to provide non-partisan, peer-reviewed research and analysis to decision-makers in Canada and globally, supporting innovation in policy and governance. As we continually look to improve and evolve, we are integrating robust program design and theories of change to drive policy impact through our research. With this effort, we seek to strengthen our impact measurement and understand and communicate how our research contributes to real policy change

It is only March and we have welcomed three new RIC members. This is a strong show of community support for the training, tools and content we provide to members. Our capacity to deliver excellent content is driven by existing and new members. Thank you for joining RIC.

For more information on RIC membership see the member section of the RIC website and the new member application package available in English and French.