Post Cards from Congress – Day 5

The trick to an eight day conference is likely similar to a 14 day inclusive vacation… pace yourself!  Today is Day 5, and don’t ask me what day of the week it is!  Fact is, these are the dog days of Congress.  This is not to be disrespectful, for new delegates arrive every day and for them it’s their Day 1!   I like the dog days of baseball because you can count on baseball to be there when it’s late in the summer and you can pull yourself away from the distractions and activities of the summer season.  Such is Day 5 of Congress.
And with the nice weather of the past couple days, it’s been nice to recharge the batteries and get ready for someone’s Day 1!   Today, for example, I arrived at 7:15 and have had 5 visits to the ResearchImpact booth before the power was turned on in the bookfair!
Work hard, yes.  Play hard, definitely.  And find those moments to rest, enjoy and recharge!
PS  – And for your listening pleasure (OK, mine!) here is our unofficial mascot, Maple Bacon Dog!!