Tools for Knowledge Mobilization- Policy Research Forum

University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network


Typically hosted in partnership with a provincial government department, the Forum is a one-day event which offers an occasion to highlight applied research and showcase collaborative models of evidence-based policy development. It also offers presenters the opportunity to mobilize their research knowledge, to network and connect with an audience that includes senior policymakers, civil servants, fellow researchers, and administrative representatives from local/provincial universities, community colleges, community organizations and business community. The event typically focuses on a particular policy-relevant theme and features one to two keynote speakers and a combination ofpanel presentations, and short back-to-back presentations followed by a brief Q&A period. The day also includes longer breaks for informal networking time and can also include scheduled networkingtime. The event is publicized and open to a wide audience interested in the given subject area and is typically attended by 60-100 people.