Update on KMb Leaders Roundtable in Vancouver January 8-9, 2015

This week’s guest post comes from Peter Levesque and the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization regarding the upcoming KMb Leaders Roundtable event happening in early 2015. This post first appeared on the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization blog on November 17, 2014 and is reposted here with permission.
It is our pleasure to announce that registration for the Knowledge Mobilization Leaders Roundtable is progressing very well.
We have room for 6 more people to attend this inaugural gathering of knowledge mobilization leaders who share the goal of an enhanced and effective knowledge mobilization system for Canada.
The details of the agenda was posted on October 26th.
We currently have representation from a diverse range of regional, provincial and national organizations based in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.  We think that wider representation may further enhance the conversation.
Please note: Mr. Daryl Rock, Board Chair of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization has offered to host an opening cocktail party at his home on the evening (January 7, 2015) before the Leaders Roundtable. 
For further details or to ask questions about this meeting, please do not hesitate to contact peter@knowledgemobilization.net or 1(613)552-2725.