Journal Club

Research Impact Canada produces a journal club series to make evidence on knowledge mobilization (KMb) more accessible to knowledge brokers and to create online discussion about research on knowledge mobilization. It is designed for knowledge brokers and other knowledge mobilization stakeholders.

Assessing the Impact of Healthcare Research: A Systematic Review of Methodological Frameworks

Cruz Rivera, S., Kyte, D.G., Aiyegbusi, O.L., Keeley, T.J., & Calvert, M.J. (2017). Assessing the impact of healthcare research: A systematic review of methodological frameworks. PLoS Medicine 14(8): e1002370. Abstract Background: Increasingly, researchers need to demonstrate the impact of their research to their sponsors, funders, and fellow academics. However, the most appropriate way of […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Influencing Policy: A Systematic Review of Advice to Academics

Oliver, K. & Cairney, P. (2019). The dos and don’ts of influencing policy: A systematic review of advice to academics. Palgrave Communications, 5(21). Abstract Many academics have strong incentives to influence policymaking but may not know where to start. We searched systematically for, and synthesised, the ‘how to’ advice in the academic peer-reviewed and […]

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ISRIA Statement: Ten-Point Guidelines for an Effective Process of Research Impact Assessment

Adam, P., Ovseiko, P.V., Grant, J., Graham, K.E.A., Boukhris, O.F., Dowd, A-M., Balling, G.V., Christensen, R.N., Pollitt, A., Taylor, M., Sued, O., Hinrichs-Krapels, S., Solans‐Domènech, M., Chorzempa, H., & the International School on Research Impact Assessment (ISRIA). (2018). ISRIA statement: Ten-point guidelines for an effective process of research impact assessment. Health Research Policy and Systems, 16:8, […]

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Assessing Health Research and Innovation Impact: Evolution of a Framework and Tools in Alberta, Canada

Graham, K.E.R., Langlois-Klassen, D., Adam, S.A.M., Chan, L., & Chorzempa, H. (2018) Assessing health research and innovation impact: Evolution of a framework and tools in Alberta, Canada. Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analysis, 3, 1-14. Abstract Publicly funded research and innovation (R&I) organizations around the world are facing increasing demands to demonstrate the impacts of their […]

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