Social services resources for people in the Victoria region

Unemployment is a major life event. Losing a job can lead to feelings of loss of identity and sense of purpose, unappreciation, anger, fear, uncertainty, and worry. Experiences of low self-esteem and loss of identity can have an impact on physical and mental health and lead to broader consequences of social isolation and loss of social networks and support. Furthermore, the impact of unemployment can be long-lasting and affect not only the unemployed individual but their family and the wider community as well. As unemployment becomes more long-term, it can negatively influence living standards in retirement, prospects for the next generation, and ability to save for other goals.

Resources for the unemployed can be difficult to access or navigate. As well, often those unemployed require greater support than simply job loss support. The University of Victoria created a comprehensive resource for employment services for the Victoria region. With support from Research Impact Canada and The Conference Board of Canada through the Future Skills Centre, the University of Victoria provided its region with a list of local social service resources, including services that address: mental health support, legal services, advocacy, food services, shelters, substance use services, pet care, storage, employment support, and housing services. The goal was to provide a thorough guide for people working in social services and clients.

Take a look at the directory of social service resources here (Accelerating skills within the community).