Identification and development of competencies through the analysis of the impacts of digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) on employment systems and on labour market inequalities

This discussion paper follows a field research project aimed at identifying the deficit in transversal skills directly related to the transformation of the labor market by digital and AI.

This research examined changes in employment requirements and conditions, the identification and classification of required skills according to sector, the analysis of potential organizational actions likely to fill these skills gaps, and the analysis of these gaps based on demographic data.

The study seeks to identify possible improvements to the production systems of goods and services and to highlight the risks of provoking or exacerbating inequalities related to skills deficits.

Tania Saba et Jean-Frantz Ricardeau Registre (2021), « Adéquation formation – compétences – emploi : Quelles seront les compétences de demain et comment y préparer les jeunes et les employeurs ?», Chaire BMO Diversité et Gouvernance de l’Université de Montréal, 44 p.