Fostering Research Collaborations Training Toolkit

On February 26, 2020, the UBC Knowledge Exchange Unit offered a workshop entitled Fostering Research Collaborations at the Graduate and Postgraduate Levels to UBC graduate students and postdocs to help develop their skills in knowledge exchange. The workshop was provided in partnership with the UBC Public Scholars Initiative, a program that supports graduate students to engage in public scholarship as an integral part of their doctoral dissertations. This workshop and the associated resources have been developed to help other organizations adapt and use the training materials designed for this workshop.

Components of the Fostering Research Collaborations Toolkit, which are included as downloadable resources below include:

1. Workshop Brief: An overview of the workshop components and suggestions for adaptation.

Click here for the Workshop Brief.

2. Slide Deck: The content of the original workshop presentation.

Click here for the Slide Deck.

3. Facilitator Guide: Instructions to design, coordinate, and facilitate the scenario activity component of this workshop.

Click here for the Facilitator Guide.