A quick start guide for new knowledge mobilizers

Bishop’ University created a Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) Fellowship program for graduates of their Knowledge Mobilization Graduate Certificate Program. The purpose of this fellowship program was to provide an intensive training opportunity, leading to skill development for recent graduates who are transitioning into KMb as a profession. The program supported advancement in their KMb skill set by providing recent graduates with their first professional KMb role, thereby enhancing Fellow’s portfolio of KMb work and increasing their competitiveness as they move into the KMb job market. The KMb Fellows worked with Bishop’s University Canada Research Chairs (CRC) to assist them in mobilization and dissemination of research. Each Fellow worked with one CRC to: 1) evaluate the KMb needs of each researcher; 2) develop short-term KMb strategies; iii) create tools and/or execute KMb activities for the researcher; and iv) present their work in a virtual showcase.  The KMb Fellows also worked collaboratively to co-create a document of their experiences in developing themselves as KMb professionals. This resource can be used as a reference manual of best practices for future KMb professionals-in-training to facilitate transition into first employment opportunities as KMb specialists.

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