Storytelling for Impact: Humanize the numbers

Storytelling is an effective way to mobilize your knowledge because it helps to engage your audience and make the information more memorable. By telling stories, you can bring your research to life and make it more relatable and accessible to a wide range of audiences.  

While statistics may be important, it is also critical to communicate the stories of people behind these numbers in your narrative. A person’s story can make your narrative more compelling and engaging. This module on storytelling for knowledge mobilization is designed to teach you the importance of incorporating narratives into your research and how to effectively craft and deliver these stories. You will gain a general overview of ethical and inclusive considerations to account for prior to, during, and after collecting stories from diverse individuals.  

 Throughout this module you will gain a better understanding in the following areas: 

  • Creating a plan to collect stories – including identifying objectives, methods, and questions 
  • Creating platforms and opportunities for storytelling 
  • Asking for informed consent and protecting the identity of participants