A Start-to-Finish Guide to Building and Navigating Partnerships

This module on Partnership Development for Knowledge Mobilization teaches you how to develop strong, effective partnerships with stakeholders for knowledge exchange and real-world application of research. You’ll learn to identify potential partners, approach them, and build relationships based on mutual respect and shared goals. You’ll also learn general principles and common practices for navigating different types of partnerships, including those for knowledge mobilization and impact.  

Partnership development is relevant to knowledge mobilization because it allows you to work with a variety of stakeholders and build relationships that can help to advance your work. By forming partnerships with organizations, community groups, government agencies, and other stakeholders, you can access resources, expertise, and networks that can help to support your research and increase its impact.   

This module is dedicated to the general principles and common practices for developing and navigating several types of partnerships, including for the purpose of knowledge mobilization and impact. It is structured as follows: 

  • Determining partnership needs and goals 
  • Determining who to partner with 
  • Initiating contact and developing an agreement 
  • Common practices throughout the life cycle of a partnership