Accessible & Inclusive Event Planning for Knowledge Mobilization

The purpose of this module is to provide individuals and organizations with practical tips, resources, and the skills needed to host an accessible and inclusive event. Events are a great way to help mobilize your knowledge to different groups. By planning events that are accessible you can ensure that all attendees have an equitable opportunity to fully participate and you are able to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders.  

Whether you’re organizing a conference, workshop, or other event, this module will give you the knowledge and tools you need to create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming. You will discover the importance of accessibility in creating events that are open to everyone, learn how to create an environment that is safe and respectful, and how to address any potential barriers to inclusion. These skills are essential for knowledge mobilization, as they help to ensure that everyone can participate and contribute, leading to a more diverse and meaningful exchange of ideas. 

Throughout this module you will gain a better understanding in the following areas: 

  • The importance of event planning for knowledge mobilization 
  • The definition of an accessible and inclusive event 
  • The rationale behind planning an accessible and inclusive event 
  • The stages of planning, hosting, and evaluating an accessible and inclusive event 
  • Additional things to consider when planning an event in the Canadian context 
  • Considering accessibility when having a virtual event