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Dear all,

At AESIS, the Network for Advancing and Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science, we work to maximise the impact that science (including SSH&A) can have on society, economy, culture, environment, well-being and more. Societal impact is not a newly-debated topic, however, obstacles arise when designing proper methodologies to not only advance but also demonstrate it. Acknowledging the challenges that mapping this impact has, not only for researchers but also institutions as a whole, AESIS would like to foster the discussion among relevant stakeholders on how research institutions and funders can develop assessment approaches to serve their impact strategy.

Therefore, this 8-10 March, we will host another edition of our Societal Impact of Science: Methods & Instruments for Assessment at King’s College London. This 2.5-day course will create insight in the currently available information systems and methods to assess and demonstrate impact. We are proud to be joined by several experts on impact, coming from different disciplines within the science ecosystem. This course will also feature a case assignment where participants will have the chance to apply their new learnings and knowledge on their own research spectrum. You may find a preliminary draft programme here.

In addition to this particular course, AESIS is proud to present its series of free webinars organised in collaboration with Novo Nordisk Foundation in Denmark. Starting this February 21st, 16.00 CET, with a discussion on the “why and how of research reporting and demonstrating societal impact”, we will host a webinar every month. Head over to our website to find out about the upcoming topics to be discussed and register for free! Recordings will be made available to all participants who register.

Finally, if you would like to engage more with societal impact of science, strengthen research excellence and enhance your institution’s access to impact-based research funding, register for our online workshop on implementing support structures for responsible impact assessment between 9-12 May. If instead you would like to discuss effective approaches for implementing policies, strategies, methods and tools to optimise the societal impact of science (including SSH&A), join us in our upcoming conference in Halifax, Canada on 19-21 June.

Should you have any particular question about our upcoming events, do not hesitate to reach me at d.nunes@aesisnet.com.

We look forward to welcome you in our upcoming impact-led activities!

Kind regards,

Diogo Moura Nunes

Project Manager

Upcoming events:

Webinar: ’The why and how of research reporting and demonstrating societal impact’ – Online, 21 February, 16.00 CET

Course: ‘Assessing Impact of Science – Methods & Instruments’ – London, United Kingdom, 8-10 March

Conference: ‘Impact of Science’ – Halifax, Canada, 19-21 June

Recent events: 

Webinar: ’How can collaboration improve research and its impact on society’ – Online (GMT time zone)

Course: Access to EU Research Funding by Stimulating and Demonstrating Societal Impact’ – Brussels, Belgium

Conference: ‘Impact of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts’ –  Stockholm, Sweden

Course: ‘Science Communication for Societal Impact’ – Online (CEST/SAST time zone)

Conference: ‘Impact of Science’ – Leiden, the Netherlands

Course: Institutional structures for Societal Impact of Science’ – Online (PDT-EDT time zone)

Seminar: ‘Open Science & Societal Impact’ – Online, hosted from Helsinki, Finland

Conference: Impact of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts’ – Online, hosted from Brussels, Belgium

Conference: ‘Impact of Science’ – Online, hosted from Cape Town, South Africa

Course: ‘From Societal Impact Strategy to Implementation and Execution’ – Online, hosted from Vienna, Austria

Course: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for PhD’s & Post-Doc’s’ – Online, hosted from Oxford, UK

more activities…

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