Dissemination Guide of Guides

Dissemination is an important step in the Co-Produced Pathway to Impact (CPPI) which is the framework adopted by Kids Brain Health Network NCE that guides the Network’s research to impact processes. The KT Core sought and reviewed existing dissemination planning resources and distilled them into this annotated compendium of dissemination planning guides. Whether you are […]

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Disseminating Findings Checklist and Guide

This checklist and guide will help when creating dissemination products for review findings, both in preparing content or developing/improving product templates. Authors, editors, and those working in communications, dissemination, and digital media may find this helpful for communication methods with non-experts in review findings. The dissemination checklist on page 6 was found to be useful. […]

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Clear Language Communications and Knowledge Mobilization

Animé conjointement par Bojan Furst (Memorial) et Michael Johnny (York) le 7 novembre 2017, ce webinaire d’une heure fait connaitre les principes et les idées qui émergent de la pratique, dans ces deux universités, des communications en langage clair et de la mobilisation des connaissances. S’adressant aux spécialistes du courtage de connaissances, de la recherche et de la […]

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