Knowledge Translation Plan Appraisal Tool

This rubric helps with assessing the quality of knowledge translation or research impact planning in grant proposals. While this tool is geared towards grant reviewers to evaluate quality, it is extremely useful for grant writers to make sure they have addressed all of the elements of a good proposal.

What our reviewers had to say

This tool is simple enough to be useful, but detailed enough to be helpful. I also like that it is based in the review criteria for knowledge translation. This tool has the potential to help anyone submitting grants with these requirements, and could even be modified for the requirements of other funding agencies.

The rubric is very helpful in giving an overview of a Knowledge Translation Plan and could be beneficial for grant writers to ensure they have covered all the bases. I would love to see more room for reviewer comments.

Barwick, M.A. (2018). Knowledge Translation Plan Appraisal Tool. Ontario: The Hospital for Sick Children