Welcome to our resources repository! The following tools are intended to help you with your knowledge mobilization activities!

Knowledge mobilization is about getting the “right information” to the “right people” in the “right format” at the “right time”.

It consists of activities and outputs that build awareness, disseminate findings, and enable use of research. The goal is to maximize the impact of research and communicate these impacts as widely as possible. 

The term knowledge mobilization can be used interchangeably with other terms such as knowledge exchange, knowledge translation, implementation science, and K*.

This page provides tools for planning, learning about efforts within academic, not-for-profit, corporate and government environments, and fine-tuning your knowledge mobilization skills.

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Knowledge mobilization is for everyone!

Although knowledge mobilization is often used in a research context, it can be applied to many different fields and sectors of employment. Engaging in knowledge mobilization requires applying a wide variety of skills such as stakeholder engagement, clear language writing skills, communications, design, social media engagement, event planning and facilitation, and evaluation. While these skills [...]


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